Sides 10x14 - Grey’s Anatomy

Filming dates 12/10-12/20

Ariel/Rory - Rory’s Peds Room, day. Rory Williams is 16, a tomboy, allergic to pink and hooked up to a feeding tube. Rory has Crohn’s. Her sister, Ariel (17) is there with her. Ariel is Rory’s exact opposite, the girliest of girls. Dr. Hall examines Rory with a bunch of interns. Rory introduces Ariel as her “Crohn’s free sister”, Ariel says they’ll see after the saliva test. Rory needs a blood draw and all the interns scramble to do it. Ariel tells her she’s popular and smirks at her little sister who smiles and shrugs.

Day - Dr. Clark gives Rory a checkup. Rory’s just learned the Peds floor is having a laser tag competition between the patients and Dr. Hall is one of the coaches. Rory asks Dr. Clark ‘why don’t you look more excited?’. Dr. Clark says its lame, Rory says your face is lame, laser tag is awesome. Dr. Clark asks when did she play lasertag, Rory says never, which is why she is jealous. Rory asks if Dr. Clark is going out of town, Dr. Clark says no and asks why. Rory says she was hoping to get a doctor with a better attitude, Dr. Clark says you love my attitude. Rory says no, she loves pizza, the attitude sucks. Dr. Hall appears and Rory says to tell Dr. Clark he sucks. Dr. Hall says Clark, you suck. Rory’s smile fades as she gets a look at Dr. Hall’s face, says someone is wearing her bad news face. Dr. Hall explains that the scans are back and the meds aren’t working as they hoped and they need to take Rory to surgery. Its a scary thing but she pushes it away. She tells Dr. Clark she bets he’s super regretting telling a sick girl her dreams are lame. Dr. Clark says it might’ve crossed his mind, Rory calls him a wuss. Dr. Clark smiles, Rory is such a trooper.

Night - Rory and Ariel are laying in bed together as Rory starts to wake up from the anesthesia. Rory says she’s alive, Ariel tells her she has bad breath. She then tells Rory that she got her results and that she doesn’t have the gene. Their parents didn’t want her to tell Rory because they thought she’d be upset. Rory says “that you’re God’s favorite?”. Ariel says she kinda hoped she had it so she could lay around and be spoiled and lazy. Rory says she’s Crohn’s favorite so deal with it. Ariel says she is trying. Dr. Clark enters holding something behind his back. Rory tries to sit up but is weak. Dr. Clark tells her not to, just that he brought her something. My team won thanks to you and he hands her the blue flag, folded in a triangle. Rory smiles and holds the flag tight to her chest and closes her eyes. Ariel puts her arms around her sister and holds her tight.

Lisa - Paramedics wheel in Lisa Campbell. She’s wrapped up but we can see she is filthy. She’s on morphine. Paramedic says she is 28 and was found in an apartment trash chute. Lisa says if she’s called homeless again she will sue for defamation. She’s a lawyer, she has a stainless steal fridge. They transfer Lisa from a gurney to a trauma bed and the paramedic leaves. Dr. Clark cuts off the dressing and there’s a bone sticking out of her leg. Lisa says don’t lookat that, are you single? Because I usually don’t look like this and I have great calves. Dr. Clark says its a bad bread but nothing they can’t fix. She’ll need an ex-fix to stablized the bone for a few weeks. Lisa asks if its one of the metal brace things to hold her leg in place? Says Dr. Clark just doubled her suit. That trash chute was a disaster waiting to happen. She’s a personal injury attorney. Dr. Clark asks if she jumped inside it. Lisa says she accidentally threw her keys out with the trash and thought she could reach them if she just stretched a little further. Dr. Clark says that’s a big chute, Lisa says ‘that’s what I’m saying!’ and asks to borrow a phone. Lisa is getting excited.

Lisa’s room day - Dr. Clark rounds on Lisa. She has a huge ex-fix on her leg. Dr. Clark says the scans are looking good and mind if I examine you. Lisa says its the highlight of her day, Dr. Clark apologizes says my hands are a little cold, Lisa says as long as there’s no ring, they’re perfect. Lisa says the trash compnay is going to settle so she’ll be rich and once the ex-fix is gone, hot. Says to a nurse that she flirts, he ignores, its kind of our thing. Asks if he has a girlfriend, he won’t tell her. The nurse looks away, uncomfortable. Lisa gets it when the nurse looks away and asks who she is and if she works there. Dr. Clark says let’s just focus and getting better, see you in surgery. Lisa says she’ll be naked on the table. Take a peek, she does pilates.

Lisa’s room, night. - Dr. Clark assess Lisa post-op and says everything is looking great. Lisa says you’ve gotta admit, I clean up real nice. Dr. Clark says very nice. Lisa says she’s not really Dr. Clarke’s patient anymore and do you like Thai? Dr. Clarke stops her, says yes I like Thai but I don’t think my girlfiend would like that very much. Lisa asks ‘you’re taken?”, Dr. Clarke says yes.

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