Sides for episode 10x12- Grey´s Anatomy

Seamstress - Russian seamstress to help Katie and her sister Anna with gown fittings. Katie and Anna glare at each other.

Tim/Lloyd - Cardiologists who are trying to get Dr Hewitt to consult long distance for their 3D bioprinted valves for the human heart. Dr. Hewitt declines saying he is over-extended. They are persistent, and Dr. Hewitt tells them that their whole approach is wrong. Llyod stares at Dr. Hewitt, his mind blown wide open. As he argues with Tim, Dr. Hewitt leaves the room.

Dalton/Karen - Charming, loving couple in their 30s. Dalton is there because his esophagus can’t push food down. They find out that his vocal cords could be damaged during the surgery, rendering him speechless for the rest of his life. Dalton tells Karen all his honest thoughts (lovingly) - he never liked her brother, a dress makes her look fat, sings to her, etc. Post-op, Dalton has suffered a massive stroke during the surgery, and is non-responsive. There’s nothing the doctor can do.

Photographer - Takes pictures of an awkward Dr. Hall as he stands by the hospital logo.

Dave - Rushes into the hospital with his 12-year-old son, whose arm was caught in the grain auger. The damage was too great, and they’re looking at an amputation of his whole arm. Dave is guilt-ridden that he didn’t get his son to the hospital fast enough. Dr. Hall tells him it’s not his fault, that he was just trying to do his best for his kid.

Elliot - 20-year-old who needs to get a kidney dialysis every 7 to 10 days. Dr. Clark is there with an Intern as the intern presents. Elliot has been on kidney dialysis since he was 4. Dr. Clark has been staring at Elliot, lost in thought, when she suddenly said that they’re not doing the dialysis. She asks what if she could culture his kidney cells in a lab and custom design a drug to stop their growth. Find the exact medicine to cure him for good.