Anonymous asked: Who sings the promo for the farewell to Christina.

This Ain’t Goodbye’ by Train


Anonymous asked: When will the last day of this show be. Big fan

Hi Anon!

The last day for filming season 10 is today, and season 11 will start filming in July (if they get picked up for a new season, which I think that they already have but it’s not confirmed yet from ABC).

But when Grey’s Anatomy will END, that’s a question you have to ask Shonda Rhimes and ABC. 


nellebells asked: In the picture with Stephanie, so do you think the two guys on the corner are? One looks like Ben, but I can't decide on the other.

Hi nellebells

That BTS picture is from episode 10x20. And yes it’s Ben and Shane and Derek leaving the room.

Hedge your Bets (10x21)


Wow the Sandra Oh feels are all over the place!
I am like
And then the feels get to much and I am like

Ok let’s get into it!

Basics for those that were not paying attention and who are new to this.
Below are the questions. Give your best speculation/bet. Then after the show airs on Thursday. I’ll tally the results and post it during the week before the next episode!

1. Let’s change it up a bit. Alizona aka Alex and Arizona screen-time?

This includes all the scenes that have Alex and Arizona in it together. The time starts when both are first seen in the scene at the same time.

2. How does Arizona find out about Alex wanting to take up the Private Practice gig?
a) Alex tells her
b) She finds out on her own

3. Do Calzona expand on thr baby talk? For example talk about donors, getting tested to see fertility levels etc. basically does thr baby making process start this Ep?

4. Arizona on a plane for the first time? Does anyone freak out/ show concern/ worried about it. If so who
a) Arizona
b) Callie
c) April
d) Alex
e) Cristina
f) Owen
g) No one. It’s all good.

5. Why dint Cristina win the HAA
a) The other guy was better; his research more ground breaking.
b) Harper Avery foundation owns the hospital and she is on the board.
c) she is a fellow
d) we don’t find out the real reason

6. Jackson’s bad news to the doctors
a) Being a Harper Avery hospital they cannot win the HAA
b) Budget issues
c) Something else altogether (take a guess…)

7. Jackson and Aprils fight. Who approaches who first.
a) Jackson approaches April
b) April approaches Jackson
c) They are forced to interact;
d) They both hold thr grounds and act like stubborn mules

8. Heart family! Who gets the heart?
a) Frankie
b) Ivy
c) Boy whose name I can’t remember
d) None of them it goes elsewhere

So again mentioning everyone that took part in the 10x20 game. But all are welcome to join. Its just something fun and interactive to do. The more the merrier, the sweeter the victory. ;-)

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1. 3 mins 24 sec
2. A
3. No
4. G
5. B
6. A
7. A
8. B

Love that some of my predictions are in here, let’s see if some of them are going to be right.


Anonymous asked: Hey! Just letting you know how thankful I am for everything you do. I check your page at least two times every day for GA news. Thanks, again!

Aww ☺️ Thank You 😘

I’m glad that I can share my love for Grey’s Anatomy with y’all 😃


Anonymous asked: What do you think mer's life changing decision will be? I think it's a little late to switch specialties you know?

I don’t think she’ll change specialties. Maybe it has something to do with Cristina leaving and she realize that she need some changes in her life.


Anonymous asked: you did a gif with the bloopers but the first 'picture' i never saw those were can i find them??

Firstly, these aren’t my gifs, calzona-greys did an amazing job creating them. 

The first blooper gif is from the season 9 DVD.


Anonymous asked: In the pic that you post of Stephanie do you think that she look pregnet to you?

No, I don’t think the will go there. We already have enough drama with JApril.


I just loved this.