songofbeauty asked: This is a fantastic blog. The work you put into this blog is so unbelievable and I just want to thank you.

Thank YOU very much & thanks for loving our blog  😘 😃

I’m glad that I can share my love for Grey’s Anatomy with y’all. ❤️ 🏥


Anonymous asked: Ich liebe deinen Blog! Wie lange glauben Sie, Greys Anatomy word weiter auf? Ich denke Saison 12.

Danke Schön 😘

My German is not so good, I understand German but I’m not so good at the actual writing.

I think that Grey’s Anatomy will continue after season 12. Everything depends on viewing numbers and ABC.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I gathered tha you're a japril fan aswell as a calzona. Who do you follow on tumblr that gives you scoop on them? I want to open my horizons and so far I only follow you for scoops, but I girl gotta eat you know ;-)

Hi Anon, and yes I am 😃

TBH I give myself scoop about Japril and all the other characters on Grey’s.

But if any of my followers know any good blogs, they can perhaps answer this question better then me.

But here are a few blogs that I know are Japril fans.





Anonymous asked: Hi do you really think that it's calzona who will be pregnant by the end of the season? i hope nothing bad happens to them:(

TBH, I don’t know anymore. Because before Shonda started to answered Calzona questions on Twitter I was 99 % sure one of them would get pregnant by the end of the season. But now I don’t know, we just have to wait and see.


Anonymous asked: I keep seeing photos and tweets from Hope Jackson's twitter but I don't know who she is... can you tell me? I don't remember seeing her on screen. Ps: I love your blog, I literally open your page about 10 times per day hahaha I'm a little obsessed, I know

Thank You😘

Hope Jackson is a resident from Georgetown who consults on the show.

Looks like William Harper wrote the season finale (10x24) of Grey’s Anstomy.

Looks like William Harper wrote the season finale (10x24) of Grey’s Anstomy.

Today on twitter in Shondaland.


What I ultimately took from all of these twitter interactions today was that several different conversations were happening all at the same time. Sex scenes vs. Intimacy.

I believe what Shonda was saying is that the actual sex scenes are filmed at a level the actors/actresses are comfortable with, not that they get to choose what happens in said scene, but their comfort level is taken into account. (It’s possible the longer the person has been on the show the more comfortable they are at expressing their discomfort, that’s why we have seen less with the oldies as the years have gone on. Except Sandra/Kevin who seem all ‘let’s do this!’ The newer the actor the more they may be willing to do. *just a thought* )

I also believe, separately from the sex scene discussion, that Shonda is saying the lack of onscreen intimacy is purposeful. She didn’t outright say it, but it was heavily implied that there is a reason for it. That they have them holding back because the characters aren’t quite to the point of full comfort with each other yet. They are trying, but are both still tentative and protecting themselves. So far, Callie and Arizona’s vulnerable moments have been few and far between, but in those moments the intimacy isn’t lacking, imo.

This is just a looooooonnnggg fuckking story they are telling, and it’s frustrating to watch, but I guess it’s true to rebuilding what Calzona have lost.

Shonda is playing the long game with Calzona.

Or not. I don’t even know anymore. I have a headache. :-)

We’ve had a rough Calzona fangirl year so we need a feelgood video!

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Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.


Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.

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People freak out that Calzona is too happy when we haven’t seen “the work” play out on screen. But then Shonda tweets that they aren’t at the fun/sexy stage yet and people freak out and question their reconciliation?

There really is no pleasing this fandom.

Calzona is working on it. They are in a much better place now then they were a year ago in terms of happiness together - even before the miscarriage and cheating, because obviously the cheating wouldn’t have occurred if they were on more solid ground (miscarriage or not!). Reconciliation doesn’t have a time frame, there’s no measure of when everything is 110% again. What we’ve seen so far: choosing to be together and actively trying to move forward (buying a house, discussion of expanding their family), their smiles - even through some tears, and their tender moments (wheelies!)… it’s putting them back on the road to 110%. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to hit speed bumps along the way, and it also doesn’t mean they are going to throw each other up against walls and rip each others clothes off.

One episode at a time, their marriage is strengthening bit by bit. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes with big info dumps.

It took a season and half for everything to crumble. Now they are piecing their family back together and it’s nice to see them smiling while they’re doing it.


leaveherinpeace asked: where can I find the sides for 10x22

You can read them here 😃